How to join the Grand Order

Still interested after reading what we look for in new members? Grand! The Order is always looking for new hobbits to join our ranks. Here is a bit more information about how the joining process.

How we recruit

Note that The Order generally doesn’t push recruitment very hard:

  • We never post recruitment messages in the in-game chat channels.
  • We never approach a player who is already signed up with a kinship and ask if they would join us instead.
  • If we meet unkinned hobbit characters that we feel would have a grand home in The Order, we may on rare occasions ask them directly if they are interested.

However, if you are interested in joining The Order, in most cases you will have to approach us yourself.

Meeting us

Don’t worry, though, getting in touch with us is simple.

You can often find us in the game, not least at the various events we organize (like Green Dragon Friday and the biweekly Michel Delving markets), so don’t be afraid to say hello and introduce yourself should you come across one of our members. This can also be a great way to get to know us a little more before you send us a formal application. Have a look at the public events in our calendar for good venues to meet us.

Alternatively, you can send an in-game letter to one of the assistant chiefs (Lina, Tibba, Nimelia, Potty and Pycella) and introduce yourself that way.


Once you are sure you would like to join, please do the following:

Read up on what we look for in our members.

No, really read up on what we look for in our members.

This is critical, because it shows you a lot about how we play the game and what we expect of new members.

If that all looks grand, we ask that you send us a formal application by e-mail to

Include the following in your application:

  1. Your in-game hobbit character name
  2. An in-character introduction/description of your hobbit character
  3. A few words on what you enjoy doing in-game
  4. A few words on why you would like to join The Grand Order and what you are looking for in a kinship
  5. A confirmation that you have read and understood what we look for in our members.


We usually spend some time on the joining process, where we interact a bit with and get to know the applicant. This may take a bit of time, especially during lazy times of the year, like summer or major holidays. It is important that you also try to interact with us in-game in this period. Showing initiative here will help speed up the process.

If all goes well and we get along with each other, we will invite you over for tea and a closer chat. Here, we’ll sort out any last details before you are invited to join.