Green Dragon Friday 16th anniversary

16 years and lots of beers!

Green Dragon Friday is 16 years old! Welcome to the celebration, hobbits! Dress up in yer best green outfits and bring all yer hobbit friends along!

Date: Friday May 24
Time: 7:30PM UK (2:30PM servertime)
Location: Green Dragon Inn, Bywater, The Shire, Laurelin server

Plans for the anniversary party are always flexible, but here are some things to look forward to:

  • The Grand Oinker Parade – bring yer oinker for an outdoors parade around Bywater! PS please leave it outside the inn!
  • The Grand GDF Anniversary Meal – food and drink aplenty!
  • The Grand GDF Anniversary Speech – yer not getting away from it…
  • The Grand GDF Anniversary Song – turn it up to sixteen!
  • Raffles and random prizes – win fun things!
  • Fireworks – we’ll boom the Cotton towards Frogmorton! Perhaps even coordinated!
  • GDF-related games – fun and prizes!
  • GDF-related memories and entertainment – sign up in advance if yer have some!

Memories and Entertainment

As part of the entertainment for the night, we invite yer to take part! GDF-related songs, poetry, rhymes and such are always welcome, but we also have two particular things we’d love to get from yer:

  1. “Green dragon memories” – where you tell everyone your favourite thing that happened at the Dragon over the years
  2. “Green Dragon Limericks/Rhymes”  – short rhymes or limericks about GDF-related things

If you have any entertainment you’d like to share, it is good if you let me know before the evening starts. Them anniversary parties can be busy, so advance signups are always grand!


Please note that Green Dragon Friday is an in-character roleplaying event for hobbits. Travelling dwarves are welcome, but as usual, we ask that the taller sorts do not take part. Roll up a hobbit character instead, it is lots of fun!


Biscuit-eating bard from Brockenborings

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