Lazy hobbits go trick-or-treating

The Lazy Hobbit Club meets again for some lazy chores!


The Lazy Hobbits Club has been proper lazy after their visit to Budgeford. Eating all those sausages must have consumed all their energy. They were planning to visit Maggot’s mushroom fields next to check “if they could help the good farmer in some way”. However, after the Farmer’s Faire, Maggot, his dogs and probably also his mushrooms wanted some rest from all visitors to the fields, so the club members wondered if there were any other rewarding lazy chores awaiting for them. With the harvestmath festival starting soon, they realised that they could quality check the treats offered for trick or treating in the hobbit villages.


Date: Sunday 22nd October

Time: 6:30PM (UK time, 1:30PM servertime)

Location: Outside the Shire homesteads by the gate


We will meet outside the homesteads gates and from there, go to the village of Sootcrest where hopefully many treats await us. If not, we might have some lazy tricks up our sleeves. If you like, you can dress up in a scary costume as well. Unless yer too lazy for that and just come as yer are. No naps on the treat mats though! If you have questions, please contact miss Pycella.


OOC: The Lazy Hobbits Club meetings are a more or less recurring hobbit roleplaying event with a loose plan. This time we are collecting treats from the Treats or Trickery quest mats in one of the hobbit neighbourhoods. The quest is not required and you can just roleplay eating the treats and performing your own tricks, but if you’d like, you can advance the quest during this event. For that, you need the quest to be active.

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