Barmy’s gentle reminder: Green Dragon Friday guidelines in short

Read how you can make the Green Dragon roleplaying gatherings comfortable for everyone!


Each Friday, the hobbit community gathers at the Green Dragon in Bywater. Here they share music, tales, the latest news, and other things of hobbit interest, while enjoying a relaxed evening in friendly company. 15 years ago, this was just a gathering between a handful of good friends. Now it has grown into an established event that often draws a good crowd of hobbit roleplayers both old and new. For many, it is a place where they can shake off their everyday worries and forget real life things for a while. Where you can just be a hobbit who enjoys the simple things in life.


There are many wonderful hobbit roleplayers who have contributed to this atmosphere over the years, bringing their characters to the inn and displaying their personal traits. Of course, from time to time, some folks can forget (or simply don’t realise) that it is actually a roleplaying setting where you should keep in character at all times. Even though the event is relaxed and no one will get kicked out for their mistakes, it is good to remind everyone what Green Dragon Friday is about and how we all can keep it a homely environment for everyone. Here are a few guidelines to help you with it:


  • Attend as a hobbit (or a travelling dwarf). Tall folks are not a usual sight in the Shire inns, and as a hobbit, you will get more fun out of the evenings! Also, you won’t hit your head to the ceiling.
  • Keep OOC things out of the /say channel. This includes talking in other languages than English. Find ways to express things in an in-game way. Not: “OMG the lag is bad!” Better: “Dear me, the floor is sticky tonight…”. Avoid using ((double brackets)).
  • Leave your pets outside the inn. Barmy doesn’t like droppings on the floor. Also, some pets make noises that disturb the interactions and performances.
  • Respect the performers. They have put much effort into their work and will be upset if you neglect it by standing nearby and talking over it about other matters, or “stealing the show” in some other way. For long-lasting dialogues, consider moving to a different part of the inn than where the entertainers are.
  • Take part if you’re there. Few things are as discouraging for roleplaying as players who just stand/sit there, not saying a word even when others try to talk with them. Forget about phones, Discord, group chat and other attention thieves, and take part in what’s going on at the inn.
  • Keep things interesting for Shire hobbits. Shire hobbits are mostly interested in local gossip and happenings. The GDF news section in particular should primarily spread the word related to events in the Shire, not least hobbit roleplaying events that are held on Laurelin. It is generally not a place to advertise events outside of the Shire or on other servers.
  • Don’t let OOC drama/conflict enter into your roleplaying. Please be friendly and mature in your interactions with others. Don’t read real-life malice into in-character actions, don’t look for excuses to be offended based on roleplaying.


Of course, on Friday nights, after a long work week and a few ales, it is not surprising if you sometimes forget the above. However, it is always good to reflect upon yer actions and how others feel about them. If you ever have concerns about something or someone, you can always contact the host of the evening (but please note that they may be a bit slow in responding). In short: forget your real life, be mindful of others, be a hobbit, and enjoy roleplaying with others. That way, everyone can feel at home in the Green Dragon.


Thank you for reading this post. Hopefully we see yer at the Dragon soon!


(PS. And less spilling inside the inn, thank you.)


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