Shire Forecast – Summer Issue 2023

Here’s the seasonal Shire Forecast for this summer!

It will inform you of the weather, happenings in the Shire, and generally all things of hobbit interest.

Hobbits prepare for the hot weather

The weather gammers are predicting a hot summer with some heavy thunder storms. Gardeners might need to water their plants more often, and maybe take extra baths afterwards. Farmers are a bit worried about the storms and what they would do for their crops. Some have prepared the soil for the heavy rain, others have resorted to all sorts of charms that should protect the crops. Some say that leaving a biscuit jar on the farming field for the “spirits” that take care of the plants should keep the crops safe. As the jars keep disappearing from the fields, the farmers believe that the spirits must be real and pleased enough to protect the precious crops.

The wise Gaffer Gamgee works at dusk, minimizing the sweating and the need for a bath

Not only farmers have taken the hotter days into account. The inns of the Shire have been restocking their cellars with new, refreshing drinks. There are even some new refreshing batches to try out. However, the visitors of the Dragon have sometimes complained of the “watered-down” ale that the innkeep Barmy Rootknot pours into their mugs. Master Rootknot denies such accusations, but he also adds that should there be some extra water in the ales, it just makes them more refreshing, and when spilled, it is less stickier in the floor. Bounders have been inspecting the case very thoroughly at the inn, sampling everything by themselves. Hopefully there will be a conclusion before the bounders forget what they were inspecting in the first place.

Wedding rumours and knitting knews

Summer is the hot season for gossip too, at least when it comes to tasty wedding gossip. Everyone is keeping an eye out for a possible romance between hobbits. Romances can lead to weddings, and weddings lead to huge feasts where everyone can eat their tummies full.

A drawing of a friendship ceremony (that certainly wasn’t a wedding) where lots of food was eaten

We have also asked our readers for interesting news and gossip to share in the Forecast. Miss Adamantja Clearwater is known for her love for crocheting and handicrafts. She often shares updates on her (and her sister’s) current projects at the Dragon. Here are the latest knitting knews we got from Ada:

As some of you have heard, my sister Rosenbleume has taken up knitting. I told her that one hook is good enough but she seems enamoured by her new 2 sticks. Maybe she wanted something new to go along with our new home, us having moved up from the Southfarthing and all. Now, we only have one spot in our borrow that is best for crafting, so when she’s knitting, I put aside my crocheting. We take turns and it’s working out just fine.

This spring she started working on a sweater, the first time she’s tried that! She’s got most of the body made and she’s working on sleeves on the side and will combine them all together later. She’s using five sticks fer them sleeves. Five! I think she’s just showing off now. It looks like she’s holding a hedgehog when she’s working, but she’s made almost a whole sleeve, so I guess she knows what she’s doing.

She thinks it’ll be done soon, ready fer them cooler summer nights. I’ll let you know if she’s right in the fall edition. Maybe we should make a bet and the loser has to clean out the chicken coop!

That’s the knitting knews from Ada. If you have some interesting seasonal news to share, please let miss Pycella know. You can also send drawings that are related to the season.

Lazy days and merry gatherings

Hobbits tend to get lazier in the summer. There are less special events happening outside the regular markets, poetry gatherings and inn evenings that keep going all through the summer, but there are still some grand things to look forward to. The Hobbitry-in-arms kinship will celebrate their second anniversary on Saturday June 24th. Other events to look forward to are the summer poetry competition where poets compete with their poems on specific subjects set by Nannie, the organizer of the event. There is also the Grand Summer Picnic on the Hill, featuring entertainment, the famous pie-rolling run and of course a lot of eating. Also, the Midsummer festival and the Farmer’s Faire in the late summer will provide some things to do in between all laziness.

Eating is one of the best lazy things to do in the summer

When things get lazy, it gives more time to concentrate on things that you really like. Hopefully everyone in the Shire has the chance to do so. Strum yer lute under the blooming fruit trees, take unhurried strolls in the sunshine, lie down by the river. And if it rains, take out a good book or visit your friend and spend the day with them. Forget your everyday worries and just enjoy the simple pleasures of life. That’s what we hobbits are good at.

Pycella Woodberry

Pie maven.

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