Crafter’s Market Poem

A poem a day keeps the tool sales at bay!

Wybert writes grand poetry for many occasions. Yesterday, he recited his latest work, a poem about the Michel Delving market! It met with praise and good cheer among everyone present. Everyone except Geoadoc’s pony, that is, for reasons to be clear when yer read the poem.

A few marketeers asked Wybert for copies of the poem. So here is their chance to grab theirs. I hope for many more poems in the future!

Crafter’s Market at Michel Delving

Some talk of Lalia’s Market or the auction house in Bree,
But if fine wares is what ye seek there’s one place you should be;
Come up to Michel Delving, that jewel within the Shire,
And at the crafter’s market there ye’ll find what ye desire.

On a Monday or a Tuesday, on every second week
Hobbits come to ply their wares and company to seek,
For there’s music there and dancing, and many a merry jest
So if you may, come buy or sell, or join us as a guest.

Nimelia and Tibba are the leading marketeers
So ask them any questions, they’ve been doing it for years.
If you’ve a song or merry tune you think we’d like to hear
Take your place upon the stone, play on and have no fear.

Miss Lina she keeps order and she plays a merry strum,
Make mischief and be sure you’ll feel the pressure of her thumb.
I’ve heard that once, back in the day, she kept a biscuit stall;
Alas no more, for we’re pretty sure she went and ate them all!

Now Miss Nimelia Stoutfoot is a crafter of renown
If it’s tools you’re after, hers are the best in town!
Folk flock to see her gadgets and her stock in trade to view;
Her talent doesn’t end there, for she’s a shirriff too!

Miss Tibba is a tailor, she cuts her cloth so fine,
She’ll measure you and show you an elaborate design.
If the label says it’s ‘Tibba’ then you can be sure that
It’s the paragon of fashion; look at me, she made my hat!

Now our sweet Miss Pycella is a maven of the pies
And if you ask her nicely she will happily advise
On the best kind of fillings for the time of the year
And she may even sell you some, I’m sure they won’t be dear!

Well-read Master Aerinbard, a scholar versed in lore
Of salves and dyes and potions he keeps a well-stocked store;
Of the arts of dance and music he has a ready grasp
Not to mention his fine fizzers which make all the ladies gasp!

Geaodoc and his donkey have travelled many trails
And I reckon if ye asked them, they both could tell some tales.
His pipeweed is the finest, of every cut and blend
If it’s smoke rings that you’re after, on him you can depend.

Now Miss Louisalotta, she plays the sweetest notes,
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that she got the most votes;
I reckons being Queen of May is like to drive her potty,
But here in the market place, to us, she’ll still be Lottie!

Now Hartten is a farmer, he works our good Shire earth
He’ll sell you fruit and taters and charge you what they’re worth.
In the dance Willywinkle shows a fine pair of legs,
He plays a lively strumming tune and he’ll gladly sell you eggs.

Freddi Fastbuck knows some tunes to keep the crowd alive
Ye’ll see some fancy dancing – see how those hobbits jive!
When Wilbodoc or Saelo take to the stone to play,
You’d wish the music wouldn’t stop until the end of day.

Pomella and Miss Lia their shopping lists do bring
And when their business is complete they look to dance and sing.
Dwarven friends do oft drop by with news of Thorin’s Hall
They bring good cheer (and maybe beer?), they are most welcome all!

Now it may be in the market place ye see a speeding streak –
Ah, Master Fidgit has arrived his havoc for to wreak!
Or perhaps ye’ll hear some wailing tune from unseen hidden source –
Another market mystery – the blute lad’s back, of course!

Lest I forget, I’ve not said yet, that Wybert sells fine fishies;
Fresh from the stream, their scales gleam, cook ‘em in tasty dishes.
Maybe you knew, he’s a poet too and sometimes reads stuff out;
If he goes on too long, or gets it wrong, just give ‘im a hefty clout!

Now some they go off questing or to hunt for buried gold,
Some like to go off fighting and in battle to be bold.
But I’m content with the time I’ve spent, let me make it very clear,
As long as I’m here, with friends held dear, I’ll be a marketeer!


Biscuit-eating bard from Brockenborings

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