Lazy Hobbits help the Cottons

Time to get the lazy hobbits do something useful!

It’s been a while since the last Lazy Hobbits Club meet-up. They must have been busy being lazy. Now though, with the upcoming Green Dragon Friday anniversary, help is needed in Bywater. Last year, the lazy hobbits helped Barmy with the anniversary party preparations at the inn. This year, we are helping someone else prepare for the party – namely the Cottons.

Even the regular weekly Friday parties can get a bit loud: bagpipes, howling, and fireworks racket. The Cottons, the farmer family living in Bywater, calls for help to prepare for an even louder celebration. They would also like to get some help with the farming chores.

Date: Sunday 7th May

Time: 6:30PM (UK, 1:30PM server time)

Location: Cottons farm, Bywater, the Shire

As usual, we start a bit early so that the laziest hobbits can have their naps in good time.

If you need assistance, please contact miss Pycella.

Welcome to join us at this easy-going get-together and help us keep the local family happy!

OOC: This is a recurring hobbit roleplaying event with a loose theme/plan. If you have a cosmetic shrew pet, you might need it at this particular meet-up.

Pycella Woodberry

Pie maven.

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