Bullroarer Took Day moves Green Dragon Friday to Brockenborings

Dress in green and roar like bulls!

This Friday, March 17, is special: it’s Bullroarer Took Day, which we traditionally celebrate in Brockenborings. Come and join us there for a even greener Friday party!

This year Bullroarer Took Day is on a Friday, on March 17th, and the celebration will be in cooperation with the hosts and waitress of Green Dragon Friday. We expect many Hobbits and Dwarves to attend, but we will not shoo away tall strangers, providing they keep to the back and not block the view of the locals. There are many scholars among them who would like to observe Hobbit traditions.

Bullroarer Took Day is a mix of gathering, socialising, drinking, dancing to fine music and listening to the deeds of the Bullroarer in song, stories and poems. Except for the location and the theme of the songs, stories and poetry, it is not unlike your average Green Dragon Friday.

Everyone is invited to sign up to perform and contribute to the festivities. If you have lively folk music, poems, songs or a story about the Great Hero, it would be great if you would sign up beforehand to help with the planning. You can use the address of the editors at the Bramblebury Gazette for that. On Green Dragon Friday, available slots are ten minutes, but depending on the number of signups we get, that may be different (but at least ten minutes).

And of course one band is already signed up: the Greenbrambles, a band who only perform on Bullroarer Took Day every year. Your hosts this evening will be Pycella Woodberry and Peppy Bristlebrush.

We ask of everyone, including guests from out of bounds, to adhere to the tradition of the Wearing of the Green. Dig out you finest green outfit from your wardrobe and wear it with pride!

The evening will end with the traditional Green Dragon Farewell Song, Home Sweet Home, and a display of fireworks by you, the audience!

The chorus of Home Sweet Home goes like this:
# Home, home, sweet home, sweet home
# There’s no place like home, oh there’s no place like home

Hopefully everyone will sing along and bring enough fizzers!

Welcome to you all on Bullroarer Took Day!

What: Bullroarer Took Day celebrations
Where: in Brockenborings, the Shire at the foot of the Bullroarer’s Statue.
When: March 17, starting off at 19:30pm exactly (UK time, 3:30PM servertime, due to clock fiddling!)

OOC: This is like a regular Green Dragon Friday, but this time taking place in Brockenborings with a Bullroarer Took theme. This is our equivalent for celebrating Saint Patricks, so expect green things, Irish music, and lots of spilling! It is a roleplaying event, so please stay in character. Tall folk are welcome to join too, just don’t block the view of the locals.

Pycella Woodberry

Pie maven.

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