Shire Forecast – Spring Issue 2023

Here’s the Shire Forecast for this spring!

Read about the weather, Shire news, upcoming events and other things of hobbit interest. By the way, it’s been one year since the first Shire Forecast issue was published!


Spring is here, and so are the sniffles

The days are already a lot brighter and longer, but the weather still seems uncertain whether it is spring or winter. The weather gammers warn youngsters who switch into their spring dresses and shorts way too early – the winter is coming, gone, coming and gone, there and back again, until it settles for nice spring weather. Although it won’t be easy even then, not for everyone. The gammers, knowing the ways of nature, foresee a strong pollen season. Prepare yourselves for the sneezes! Expect the handkerchief sales to rocket up the skies at the local markets.


Troubles at the Bramblebury Gazette

As many hobbits might have noticed, the Gazette has not been delivered to their mailboxes recently. Some have blamed it on the unreliable Quickpost services and freely roaming dogs, but the actual reason is that there has been some trouble with the Gazette presses. We hope that this is not Lotho’s doing, and that, whatever the problem may be, it will be sorted out soon. In the meantime, Shire hobbits stay up-to-date with planned events using other sources, such as Miss Lina’s calendar. There are also other places to look, like the archives.


Chickens and “blute lads” on the run

The warmer season brings spring in the step of animals too, and not only the wild ones. Farmer Sandson has reported that many chickens have been increasingly free-roaming as of late. Sightings of these foolhardy Shire chickens have been made far outside the bounds. What is it that they are after, you might ask? Is someone leading them? Some hobbits have been curious enough to follow the fowl, also making sure that they won’t get eaten by the nasty beasts instead of… well, themselves. If the rumours are true, the birds are up to something big, like a long trip to the great wide open or even there and bawk again.


One has to keep a close eye on chickens these days


Not only the animals go a bit crazy as spring progresses. The patrons of the Green Dragon have reported the curious appearance of a masked hobbit calling himself the “Blutelad”. It seems that he is trying his best to drive the rise of the bagpipes in the Shire, defending this noble instrument against those who would rather cast them into the fire and destroy them. He has been speaking of something called “rye-oats”. The patrons are still puzzled by what those might be, and whoever this Blutelad is. And how long his bagpipes will last.


May Royals dancing many springs ago


Spring events sprouting

Springtime means busier times in the Shire, and not only for the gardeners who are shooing the shrews away. There is also lots of fun to be had at various events. Eat pies aplenty at the Pie Day party, and spill your ale on the toes of the Bullroarer Statue at the Bullroarer Took Day party. Later on, some silly hobbits will probably search for the mythical musical badgers (which are naught but a tall tale, of course) and prepare a spring-related musical (as the badgers will not be found anyway, as they are not real). Green Dragon Friday will celebrate its 15th anniversary, so the Cottons better be well prepared for a 15 times louder fireworks show this time. In May, we will also crown our next May royals: the May Queen and King. Will the flowery crown rest on your head this time? It’s exciting times for many.


OOC: This is the seasonal Shire forecast where we aim to provide common pointers and ideas for hobbit roleplay in LOTRO. If you have ideas for upcoming issues, please contact Pycella (pycellawoodberry[a]

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