Visit to distant relatives – Part 10

Third time’s the harm

Date: Saturday 25/02/2023
Time: 6:00 PM ((UK Time, 1PM server time))
Location: Echad Mirobel (gates of School/Library at Tham Mirdain), Eregion

One morning, the hobbits woke up to find themselves found by Saelo, not be the other way round. While sipping their teas and making breakfast, Saelo told them the short long story of him going missing. He somehow convinced the hobbits to explore the nearby ancient library that belonged to elves. The experience was different for everyone, but at the end of day, everyone slept in peace and with a full belly. However, they did not know what was expecting them the next day…

To learn what happened to the hobbits next, meet them on Saturday February 25th, at six bells, in Echad Mirobel, near the gates of Tham Mirdain.


The initial aim of this journey is to visit Maur Tulhau in Enedwaith, while stopping in different settlements on the way. The whole journey will be spread over a long time span, and each leg will take place bi-weekly, either on Saturday or Sunday (it will be announced beforehand every time). There is no fixed length of legs, meaning we can freely get distracted by stuff on the road for any reason, without rushing to make it to the end goal of the leg. We also might spend some time there (probably a day), doing some fun stuff.

Although the event is mostly about hobbits, other races we would meet on the way with their stories are welcome as well, even if it means us leaving the direct path to Enedwaith.

There is no level requirement to join the event, there will be enough hobbits to protect you.


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