Visit to distant relatives – Part 9

Way down south

There was not a single rock the hobbits did not check in Eregion while looking for Saelo, but he had almost faded into thin air and disappeared (for those who knew him, he could do so solely to confuse and make fun of others, but it was not the case this time). Hence, the hobbits decided to rest and think of where he could’ve gone, and maybe Elves could help them with their sharp eyes.

The non-adventure will move to the next chapter on February 5th, at six bells, in Echad Mirobel.

Date: Sunday Feb 5
Time: 6:00 PM ((UK Time, 1 PM server time))
Location: Echad Mirobel, Eregion


The initial aim of this journey is visiting Maur Tulhau in Enedwaith, while stopping in different settlements on the way. The whole journey will be spread through a long time span, and each leg will take place bi-weekly, either on Saturday or on Sunday (it will be announced beforehand every time).

There is no fixed length of legs, meaning we can freely get distracted by stuff on the road for any reason, without rushing to make it to the end goal of the leg. We also might spend some time there (probably a day), doing some fun stuff.

Although the event is mostly about Hobbits, other races we would meet on the way with their stories are welcome as well, even if it means being dragged out of the path.

There is no level requirement to join the event, there will be enough hobbits to protect you.


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