The 2022 hobbit Yule video, first meetup

Yule love it!

Yule is getting nearer, and what better thing to do than to make a large drawing to greet yer friends a very merry yuletide? Not much! So here we go!

Date: Sunday December 4
Time: 7:30PM UK (2:30PM servertime)
Location: 2 Silver Street, Tham Orbarad, Cape of Belfalas Homesteads

We will have two meetups again this year to help make the drawing. The first will be Sunday December 4, while the second is on Tuesday December 13. See below for details!

What will happen this year? Will there be ballets with purple snow beasts or surprise parties for old lonely hobbits? Will Shire animals fight in the fields, or will them youngsters sigh over a lack of snow in the Shire? Take part to find out!

This first meetup is inside a festive Yule house in far-off lands. How to get there, yer might ask?


Once again, I’d like to make a yule video with as many hobbit players on Laurelin as possible. The video will be released December 24th, in the Hobbity Yule Calendar.


This first video shoot is the most action-packed one, while the second on Tuesday Dec 13 will be lazier. For this first video shoot, please remember:

  • Have two outfits ready:
    – One festive hobbity yule outfit, so you look ready for a party
    – And most importantly, a burglary ruffian outfit. You’re to be culinary robbers!
    – For the ruffian outfit, it is good if you wear cooking or gardening utensils, like a rolling pin, a shovel, Treebeard’s ladle, or similar.
  • Do not have any pets summoned
  • DISABLE ALL SPEED BUFFS! Hunters, I am especially looking at you and the “Find the path” skill, please disable it.
  • Bring festival trick consumables, like D.R.A.G.O.N, spider legs, snowballs, doom-shrooms or similar.
  • Be prepared to follow orders.
  • Try to avoid speaking in /say, use the raid (/ra) instead
  • Join the creative chaotic fun!


In addition to the video shoots, I’d also love it if all hobbits sent me an individual screenshot of themselves in-game, in a festive/merry/yule motive. I can use those in the end credits of the video.

Formatting of the screenshots:

  • The higher resolution, the better.
  • Use widescreen format (16×9 or similar), don’t cut out just a small picture of yourself.
  • Don’t add any effects or text to the images. Turn off UI elements, NPC names, etc.
  • Make sure the screenshots aren’t too dark.
  • Send the screenshots to me before end of December 20th, at the very latest! Use this email: [IMG]

For inspiration, here is the yule video from last year.


Biscuit-eating bard from Brockenborings

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