The hobbity yule calendar 2022 is coming!

Yule is soon here, and we need to start preparing the hobbity yule surprises for December!


Many things are happening in the hobbit community during yuletide. There are parties, “magical moving drawing” meet-ups, wassailing and maybe even yule baths. One thing to look forward to is the hobbity yule calendar that is put together by the whole community. Each day from 1st December to 24th December, we will publish a hobbity surprise in our humble yule calendar that is pinned to a special noticeboard here. Everyone can join and send an entry for the calendar, and now it’s good time to start preparing.


Do you have something to share in the Yule calendar?

We are always happy to receive more entries for the calendar, so if you have something to share, please just send it over! If you are not a member of our community (yet!), do not worry, your entries are still most welcome. The more hobbity the entry, the better!

Here are some examples of entries:

  • A Yule-themed picture, LOTRO screenshot, slideshow, drawing, or a video made by you
  • A Yule poem, story, or a song
  • An introduction to a local Yule tradition you’d like to share to other hobbits
  • Your favourite Yule recipe
  • Yule decoration ideas, riddles, games…

Feel free to get creative as well! Each entry is valuable, so don’t be shy to share your stuff.

Let the Quickpost deliver your entries to pycellawoodberry(a) Please send your entries as early as you can, so that the calendar preparations can be made in time.


Hobbits gathered around a feast table in Winterhome, eating their bellies full.


This year’s collective entry: yule memories!

Each year, we put together a yule calendar entry with a common theme, sent by various people from all around the (Middle) Earth. For this year’s collective entry, we would like to see your LOTRO yule memories in the form of screenshots. Both old and new screenshots are most welcome. They can be memories from Winterhome, from LOTRO yule parties you have been to, in-game yule concerts, maybe even yule adventures. Pictures from all free peoples are most welcome! We will put together a short slideshow video from the memories. Here are some instructions:

  • Please send some high quality screenshots (1024×768 pixels at minimum) that are not too dark.
  • Don’t add any effects/text to the screenshots.
  • When you send the pictures, you can tell a bit about the memories and their background if you wish, we might use it in the video as well.
  • Please send the pictures to the address mentioned above by 16th December the very latest.

Pycella Woodberry

Pie maven.

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