Lazy (and scary) fishing trip

The Lazy Hobbits Club goes fishing… in a scary place!


At their last meet-up, the members of the Lazy Hobbits Club managed to find some mushrooms and even an inn to rest after their efforts. This time, they feel lazier and plan to go fishing. And napping while fishing. What could be a better place for both napping and fishing than a dark forest where no one bothers you? According to the Bucklanders, there’s an (in)famous napping spot by the forest stream. Sounds like it’s worth checking out!


Date: Sunday 23rd October

Time: 6:30PM (UK, 1:30PM server time), duration approx. one hour

Location: The Old Forest Gate, Buckland


We will start from the Old Forest Gate and walk through the forest, stopping at a couple spots by the forest stream for fishing. It might be a bit scary, but do not worry, the big waistbandsize hobbits will shoo the bats away. Since we are going fishing, please bring yer fishing rod with you. Better not bring an axe. The locals say it’s unwise to bring those to the Old Forest. Axes are not good for fishing anyway.


OOC: The Lazy Hobbit Club gatherings are recurring hobbit roleplaying events with a loose theme/plan, e.g. helping NPCs, fishing, searching for lost farm animals and so on, where we let room for improvisation and surprises. All hobbits are welcome, but also lazy travelling dwarves can join if they wish. Please note that this event starts earlier than usual. For this event, bring a fishing rod and be prepared to fish. Contact Pycella if you have questions.

Pycella Woodberry

Pie maven.

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