Grand Order 15th anniversary party

Fifteen kegs of brandy by the wall!

The hobbits of The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom have great delight in inviting our friends and acquaintances to a party of special magnificence, on occasion of our 15th anniversary!

Date: Saturday October 15
Time: 7:30PM UK time / 2:30PM servertime
Location: Songburrow, 4 Brookbank Street, Shire homesteads

Event details:

The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom was founded on October 9th fifteen years ago. This means it is time to celebrate!

So, we’ll have a grand party, with speeches, drinks, food, fireworks and entertainment. The kitchens in Songburrow are gearing up already, and there is sure to be a few unexpected surprises as well. Will Strollers or Badgers show up? Will there be brandy? Dancing bears? Grumpy gaffers? Games and competitions? Gifts for the guests? Perhaps! Just don’t be surprised should you find some free-roaming oinkers in the village.

We are delighted to extend this invitation to the hobbits of the Shire, as well as to good friends among the dwarves and the big folk. Welcome to good friends, neighbours and acquaintances! We hope to see you in Songburrow!

OOC details:

The party will be held in-character ((so no OOC talk, even in brackets)). Please dress for a happy festive party, and leave yer pets at home.


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