Green Dragon Yarrrday

Time to shiver the timbers of the Green Dragon once again!



Date: Friday September 16th

Time: 7:30PM UK time (2:30PM servertime)

Location: Green Dragon Inn, Bywater, the Shire


The autumn storms arrrr here, ‘n that means dangerous times fer all Brandywine pierate ships ‘n thar precious ale ‘n pie cargo. But no worries, me mateys. The Green Dragon provides a safe haven fer all Shire pierates on Friday 16th September! Come ‘n plunder Barmy’s ale cellar ‘n gather t’ enjoy tales, shanties, poems ‘n other shareworthy thin’s about pierates! Feel free t’ brin’ yer owns entertainment ‘n rum too! Yarrr! ‘n don’t forget t’ dress up pieratey, unless ye be a landlubber!


Yers faithfully,

Pierate Cap’n Pycella


OOC: This will be a pirate-themed Green Dragon evening for RPing hobbits and travelling dwarves. Especially pirate-themed entertainment is welcome. The event is related to the LOTRO Tale of Shipwrecked Mariners event, more information here.

Pycella Woodberry

Pie maven.

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