Visit to distant relatives – part 5

Mist-erious, under open skies

The leg that started in a roofless inn lead the hobbits through a land with a lot of ruins… and roofs. After failing to find a shelter under a roof (for very obvious, but private reasons), and shooing away a few big cats, they finally made their way to Ost Guruth, where they found a proper roof to sleep under.

But what was that strange mist they could see from afar? Was that some kind of trouble, or it was a natural phenomenon? It was not a question to answer while they were busy filling themselves with food or sleeping, but they would need to find the answer very soon.

If you are one of those who wonder the same or similar questions, come join to the road on September 10th, at seventh bell in Ost Guruth, Lone Lands.

Date: 10 September 2022
Time: 7:00 PM ((UK Time, 2 PM server time))
Location: Ost Guruth, Lone lands

The initial aim of this journey is visiting Maur Tulhau in Enedwaith, while stopping in different settlements on the way. The whole journey will be spread through a long time span, and each leg will take place bi-weekly, either on Saturday or on Sunday (it will be announced beforehand every time). There is no fixed length of legs, meaning we can freely get distracted by stuff on the road for any reason, without rushing to make it to the end goal of the leg. We also might spend some time there (probably a day), doing some fun stuff. Although the event is mostly about hobbits, other races we meet on the way with their stories are welcome as well, even if it means being dragged out of the path.

There is no level requirement to join the event, there will be enough hobbits to protect you.


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