Lazy GDF Anniversary Preparations

The Lazy Hobbits Club helps Barmy out with party preparations.


Our first Lazy Hobbits meet-up turned out to be pretty fruitful. A ton of apples were gathered for a huge apple pie that was later served at the Early Pie Day party in Songburrow. All in all, it all turned out to be very successful. Even Lobelia didn’t spot us in the Appledores – probably because we moved too slowly for anyone to catch our movements.


News of the helpful lazy hobbits have also reached Barmy Rootknot’s ears. The innkeeper of the Green Dragon in Bywater is pretty busy with preparing the inn for the 14th Green Dragon Anniversary that takes place later in May. He could certainly use some help, be it lazy help or not. He might even offer the helpers something for their trouble. Here are the details:


Date: Saturday 7th May

Time: 6:30PM (UK, 1:30 server time)

Location: Green Dragon, Bywater, the Shire


We welcome everyone to join us and be lazy together! Please note that we start early so that we can also go napping early after all the hard work. If you have questions, please contact Miss Pycella.


OOC: This is a new recurring hobbit roleplaying event with a loose theme/plan, e.g. helping NPCs, fishing, searching for lost farm animals and so on, where we leave room for improvisation and surprises. All hobbits are welcome, but also lazy travelling dwarves can join if they wish. Please note that this event starts earlier than usual.

Pycella Woodberry

Pie maven.

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