The Great Shire Cluck-off

Joint hentours!

A Hobbitry-In-Arms and Grand Order of the Lost Mathom monthly collaboration!

Have you ever dreamt of being a chicken? Roaming around with your feet in the dirt, eating worms, living your best life? This could become a reality soon enough! It’s time to fly the coop and plant our feet into the wide world to solve a cluckish problem and meet some like-minded animals on the way.

Join us at Sandson’s farm, where a very charming rooster called George has some dashing chores for us!

“Put on a few eggs, there’s a good fellow!”
Gandalf called after him, as the hobbit stumped off to the pantries.
“And just bring out the cold chicken”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Event details:

Date: Sunday 20th March 2022
Time: 7.00 PM UK time/3:00 PM server time
Location: Sandson’s Farm, The Shire
Contact: Aodhfin, Lina, Demelsa

Early one morning, Master Matzo stood with his hands on his hips in consternation, tapping his foot as he stared at the splintered remains of his chicken coop and the snoring Fin that lay amongst them. “Now, how in the world did he manage that?” he said with an exasperated sigh. His tired eyes turned to the chickens loose in the garden, but it seemed there was no need to hurry. From the look of the planting beds, the damage had already been done and every last seed sewn days before had been rooted out by the hungry clucks. He gingerly stepped between the shattered boards, careful not to catch a splinter, and poked the lad square in the belly. There was no reaction from the slumbering youth other than a sharp snort before the sawing of logs resumed at an increased volume. “Blinking drunks,” Matzo grumbled to himself, as he headed into the barn to get his tools and some spare planks.

A few hours later the old gaffer paced before a hastily knocked-together chicken fence, waggling a finger at the guilty-looking hobbit. “I don’t know what you were up to last night, but I’ve a mind to teach you a lesson. Yes, I think you’ll be making a few deliveries for me after this little stunt, don’t you? You’ll soon know the trouble I’ve had to go to rounding all the hens back up! And if any harm comes to even a single chuck on the way…I’ll have Wheatberry bale you up with the hay and feed you to the mules!”

This lad will need your help with these deliveries or grumpy gaffer help him!

OCC details:

To participate as a chicken you will have to complete the introductory Flying the Coop Quests. To do these, travel to Sandson’s farm in the Shire and talk to a rooster called George. This will bring you to a quest chain called The Sky is Falling. You will need to complete to participate as a chicken:

  • The Sky is Falling
  • Which Laid First?
  • The Early Bird (Instance: The Early Bird – Session Play)
  • The Sky is Falling (Instance: The Sky is Falling – Session Play)
  • Flying the Coop (Instance: Flying the Coop – Session Play)

More information on the LOTRO Wiki:

The Sky is Falling Quests
Flying the Coop Quests

The location of Sandson’s Farm

We will start with the Bree-land run!

During this event, there will be a few hobbits to herd (protect) our adventuring chickens from being eaten by the dangers lurking in the wild. It’s up to you whether you want to participate as a chicken or a herder.

We will be using the regional chat (/regional) in our chicken forms to communicate with each other. There will be someone in chicken form communicating with the herding team in order to keep us all connected.

Meet at Sandson’s Farm, near George the Rooster. If you’re late, send a tell to an officer who will assist you in finding us!


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