Green Dragon Lazy Yule Eve party

More Green Dragon Yule!

Date: Friday December 24
Time: 7:30PM UK time / 2:30PM servertime
Location: Green Dragon inn, Bywater

While we fully expect that many hobbits are busy celebrating Yule with family and close friends this Friday, other might need an ale to calm down, or just feel like some hobbit company. Some will meet at the Green Dragon, and yer heartily welcome to join them for a lazy Yule Eve.

So do come for a mug of mulled wine, good company, a story, a dance and perhaps a meal too. If yer have entertainment and news to share, that’s grand too! Welcome, hobbits! And a very merry Yule to everyone!

OOC details:

Please note: Green Dragon Friday is a roleplaying event for hobbits. While travelling dwarves are always welcome at the inn, for lore reasons we generally ask that the Big Folk do not attend. Please roll up a hobbit instead to attend, it is grand fun!


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