The Lost and Found

Quick Post treasures wait for those with maps!

Ambrinna has been busy writing poetry the recent times, which is grand! Here is another one of her works, this time about that secret Quick Post place: The Lost and Found. A source of unimaginable riches! If we’re to believe the legends, that is!

Additionally, to find lost things, yer might need a map. Below are a handful of maps of the Shire, so yer find yer way. Unless yer pick the wrong one, of course!

Poem: The Lost and Found

The steps are steep as I descend
To hidden depths that never end.

Tunnels that branch left and right
Its hard to tell if its day or night.

This is the Quick Post lost and found
Buried so deep beneath the ground.

What is its purpose I hear you say
To hide things from the light of day.

The reason that these things lay here
Is an address is needed I do fear.

I see you looking at me with angry eye
A tear is forming for that missing pie.

Now a thought occurs as you ponder
To what else lay in this pile of plunder.

Could it be those old silver spoons
Or that lost recipe for macaroons.

Some waistcoat buttons made of gold
A fancy pie dish that looks very old.

A book of permits to play the drum
You may wonder where these are from.

I will stop you there before you shout
Only one way remains to get them out.

A fee is required to pay for storage
Plus address before we allow haulage.

So send us a letter well in advance
It’s best not to risk taking a chance.

That way we all here can make sure
The closed for lunch sign is on the door.

Maps of the Shire

There are several maps of the Shire. Below are a handful of them!

Ronald Dwale’s map

Here’s the map Ronald Dwale himself drew. He is the LOTRO in-game version of J.R.R. Tolkien. So he should know!

Tolkien's map of the Shire

Tolkien’s map of the Shire. Source:

Plasse’s map

A lad called Maxime Plasse made this lovely-looking map of The Shire. It might not be quite correct in every detail. But when it looks as grand as this, who can really complain?

Maxime Plasse's map of The Shire

Maxime Plasse’s map of The Shire. Source: Deviantart

Official Postal Map of the Shire

The Quick Post uses this highly detailed map for all their (mis)deliveries.

This lovely map was originally developed by Tom Maringer at, a good place to pick up Middle-Earth-themed coins and necklaces. They have previously allowed the Bramblebury Gazette to display the map, so hopefully they won’t mind if they show their grand work here.

Official Postal Map of the Shire

Official Postal Map of the Shire. Source:

Rebecca Seidenberger’s map

This map is far less detailed than the previous two. On the other hand, it is grand for a quick overview of some of the central places in the Shire, and it is also absolutely cozy-looking. Which is a grand thing for hobbits!

Rebecca Seidenberger's map

Rebecca Seidenberger’s map. Source:

Francesca Baerald’s map

Don’t yer just want to hang this one on yer wall? Or jump into the map and live there? A gorgeous map of our homeland!

Francesca Baerald's map

Francesca Baerald’s map. Source:

Speckles’ map

Lastly, here is a Shire map that our old friend Speckles made, based on the official maps by the mayor. A grand overview of our homeland!

Speckles' map

Speckles’ map. Source:


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