Shrew Spotting in Appledores

It’s springtime… for shrews!

The spring seems to be finally here, and that means busy times for many – not at least for the many gardeners who need to drive of them pesky shrews from their gardens. The sweet fruit of the Appledores orchard has attracted a few, and Miss Almi has been called for help. Almi is a retired nanny and a hunter, so she’s all set up to confront them little critters that have invaded the orchard. However, she’d like to take this opportunity to tell others a little about shrews and their shrewd ways. She welcomes everyone to join her for a short shrew spotting tour in the Appledores on Thursday 25th March.

Date: Thursday, 25th March
Time: 7:30PM ((UK, 3:30PM servertime))
Place: The Party Tree near Bag End, Hobbiton, the Shire

Come to the Party Tree and join miss Almi for an educative tour and learn more about the nature! And there might be some “shrewd” prizes for the participants too!

OOC: This is a relaxed roleplaying event for hobbits where we will learn a few facts about shrews. It’s good if you have a cosmetic shrew pet from the Spring festival, we will summon them at the Appledores for the purposes of the event (but no worries, if you don’t have any). Please make sure the cosmetic pets are not disabled in your settings (Options > Social options). If you have questions, please contact Almi.

Pycella Woodberry

Pie maven.

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