Hobbit Hobnanigans weekend

Hobnanigans shmobnanigans!

The chickens are at it again! They find it all very amusing to land on a playing field and get scooted through the goal posts, so we may as well join in their fun!

That’s right, it’s time for Hobnanigans, and we’re going to make a day of it – or two even! The next event runs from the afternoon of April 1 until the early morn of April 5 (yawn), and Adamantja and Affodil are very excited to lead our fellow Hobbits in learning more about this fun game.

We’ll gather up the hill at Field 4 at seven and a half bells on April 1 and again on Saturday April 3 at two and a half bells ((7:30 pm UK on April 1 and 2:30 pm UK on April 3)) where we’ll teach new folks how to play, give our strategies on the best ways to get the most Hobnanigans tokens, and point out the various vendors and what they sell during the event. Even a few of our cousins will be coming to join the fun, so we won’t have to wait long to fill up the sides and start matches.

Ye can use the map you’ll get when Hobnanigans starts to find the fields, or ye can take the Festival Horse from Bree and then travel just a wee bit south to find the four Hobnanigans fields.

Whether you’re a Hobnanigans Rookie or Hobnanigans All-star, come join the fun! Chickens for everyone!

Date 1: Thursday April 1, 7:30PM UK time (2:30PM servertime)
Date 2: Saturday April 3, 2:30PM UK time (9:30AM servertime)
Location: Hobnanigans fields, Bree-land festival grounds

OOC: This is a hobbit in-character hobnanigans event, to provide a set time for interested hobbits to meet up. Following on from these events, the participants can also arrange more meetups the same weekend for those who want to earn more tokens.


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