It is time to make the 2020 hobbit yule video!

Yule love it!

Yule is getting nearer, and what better thing to do than to make a large drawing to greet yer friends a very merry yuletide? Not much! So here we go!

First shoot:

Date: Sunday November 29
Time: 7:30PM UK (2:30PM servertime), PLEASE BE ON TIME
Location: Kauppa-kohta, the village at the south end of Forochel. Meet up by the milestone.

Second shoot:

Date: Tuesday December 8
Time: 7:30PM UK (2:30PM servertime), PLEASE BE ON TIME
Location: 4 Brookbank Street, Songburrow, Shire homesteads

What will happen this year? Will there be ballets with purple snow beasts or surprise parties for old lonely hobbits? Shall we visit the dwarves or sigh over a lack of snow in the Shire? Take part to find out!


Once again, I’d like to make a yule video with as many hobbit players on Laurelin as possible. The video will be released December 24th, in the Hobbity Yule Calendar.

There will be two video shoots this year too:

  • The first video shoot is on Sunday November 29, in Kauppa-Kohta, Forochel. This is a level 40+ area, but as long as you make it to the village, even players at lower levels can take part.
  • The second shoot is on Tuesday December 8, in Songburrow in the Shire Homesteads (4 Brookbank Street).

I’d also love it if all hobbits sent me a screenshot of themselves in-game, in a festive/merry/yule motive. I can use those in the end credits of the video. Please use high-quality screenshots (1024×768 pixels is really the minimum, but much larger is better). Widescreen format is great! Don’t add any effects or text to the images, and make sure they aren’t too dark. Send the screenshots to me before end of December 21st, at the very latest! Use this email: [IMG]

For the video shoot on Sunday Nov 29, please remember:

  • Dress up warm! Wear warm, festive-looking clothes (red, green and yellow are very grand)

For the second shoot on Tuesday Dec 8, please remember:

  • Bring lots of festival consumables like those listed here
  • Wear indoor-clothes somewhat close to pyjamas/night dresses (yer will start out as sleeping hobbits)

For both shoots:

  • Be a hobbit. It is a hobbit yule video after all!
  • DISABLE ALL SPEED BUFFS (hunters, I am especially looking at you and the Find the path skill, please disable it)
  • Bring lanterns or sparklers if you have them, also fireworks
  • Try to avoid speaking in /say, use the raid (/ra) instead
  • Be prepared to follow orders!
  • Have fun!

For inspiration, here is the yule video from last year.

The 2019 hobbit yule video


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