Chicken Herding

Are you cluck enough?

Date: Sunday September 13
Time: 7:30PM UK (2:30PM servertime)
Location: Sandson’s Farm, the Shire. Then somewhere!

Year ago, the chickens of Farmer Sandson’s had themselves lots of adventures, travelling all over the world. Now the younger chucks don’t believe the tales their ancestors told them and intend to find out for themselves.

OOC Details

This event involves some players taking on one of the “Flying the Coop” Chicken Quests. A number of participants will also need to act as herders, mainly to protect the chickens from harm. Whether you want to play a chicken, or be a herder, can be decided on the day.

We have currently not selected which quest to do, so we are open for suggestions.  We are likely not able to do one of the new ones (Minas Tirith or Dale) this evening.

For guides on chickens, see:

Of particular note:

  • There are a number of introductory quests you have to do before getting the “Flying the coop quests”, see the quest lists in the linked page above. If you plan to be a chicken, you should have done the intros before meeting up for the chicken run.
  • While being a chicken, you cannot speak to your herders. We’ll likely have at least one chuck who’ll be in touch with the herd team. The chickens can coordinate between themselves through the regional channel, though. Expect a lot of Cluck Norris jokes!
  • When we head through the world, we often get other players joining the herding team. This is very much encouraged! Yay!
  • Sometimes, accidents happen and a chuck falls on the road. The herders will solemnly mourn this chuck, before having it for lunch. It’s the proper way…


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