Green Dragon Friday goes traveling

May the mayor eat a spoiled pie.

If all goes to plan, the Farmer’s faire starts this Thursday. For more than four weeks, Bywater will be a festering pool of chaos, noise and screaming people running around in the Green Dragon, while the mayor eats all the food. Which is no good recipe for a relaxing night at the inn.

So, we’ll do like we usually do: Take Green Dragon Friday elsewhere these weeks, while hoping there will be no silly event encores this year. The plan is as follows:

Usual Green Dragon Friday guidelines apply, so this is an in-character event for hobbits. While dwarves are welcome at the events, we kindly ask that elves, menfolk and beornings do not attend. Roll up a hobbit instead, it is grand fun!


Biscuit-eating bard from Brockenborings

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