A grand and lazy summer to all

Sunny snoozes ahead!

To all our grand friends: The warm summer days have been with us for a while, and the Shire will likely be a bit more relaxed than usual in the coming weeks. Not that yer would know it, given the amount of events and parties happening lately…

Still, it is good ter have some time off. So, remember to take long, regular naps in the shade, enjoy picnics, eat wild strawberries, fish by a slow stream, and do all them things that help yer gather yer energies now that the weather is warm.

The Grand Order hobbits will also spend some time lazying about in the fine summer weather. Rest assured, though, we will try to keep our regular activities going over the summer. Green Dragon Friday should be on every Friday, the markets are in Michel Delving Monday and Tuesday every two weeks, the Badgers will be out rehearsing every other Monday… and unless there are other plans, we usually go on adventure to look for mathoms every Saturday evening. We will see if other events pop up too, so keep visiting our notice board and calendar.

May yer summer days be filled with a suitable amount of relaxing laziness, as well as picnics, lots of food and much merriment! And although the early chuck catches the morning worm, is is something to be said fer sleeping in too!


Biscuit-eating bard from Brockenborings

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