Saelo’s burrow-warming party

Bounce that bed!

Date: Wednesday June 24
Time: 7:30PM UK time / 2:30PM servertime
Location: 1 Chalk Road, Songburrow, Shire Homesteads

I am Saelo, Saelo Honeythumb, and I assume ye mostly know me! I am writing to ye to inform ye that I will have a party on 24th of June, to celebrate me burrow-warmin’! There will be:
– pies and more pies, also drinks for many bellies;
– (small) gifts for everyone;
– music, dance and gossip;
– annoyin’ annoyin’ neighbors;
– and much more!

Party will last for 90 minutes or thereabouts!

Special note: bring a firework or two with yerself! Don’t ask why, it is the surprise!

Saelo Honeythumb!


Biscuit-eating bard from Brockenborings

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