News report from Hobbiton-Bywater: Potty’s Tab Gone Missing

Eep! Potty’s tab has gone missing! What should we do?

Something mysterious has happened at the Green Dragon inn on Friday, April 24th. Yes, someone did have the guts to sit in Matzo’s chair, but something else happened too: Potty’s precious tab got lost! The innkeeper, Barmy Rootknot, is furious. He suspects Miss Pycella, who was waitressing and watering the rug with ale during that very night. Now she should pay a hefty sum for the missing tab notes. Or do waitressing at the Dragon for evermore… However, Miss Pycella has come up with a plan.

Most of us have heard the rumours about Miss Pycella holding her belly in the garden. Be it a pie-eaters belly or not, the rumours have also reached the ears of Pycella’s uncle Toggo who lives in Southfarthing. Master Toggo is very happy about the baby news and wants to send a prized family heirloom to Pycella as a gift for the next generation of Woodberries. And that heirloom is… a rug. Yes, miss Pycella saw her way to escape the endless waitressing: she could trade the precious rug for the missing tab. Barmy is happy with the solution already, so it’s settled then. Miss Pycella asked Toggo to send the rug over to Bywater. Now, she puts her faith in the local Quickpost services and hopes for the best. We can always rely on the Quickpost, right? Right?

Let’s see how things evolve!

((These happenings might lead to a mysterious roleplaying adventure later, probably in June. There is a possibility that some characters under level 20 might not get the full experience of the adventure, so now is a good time to grow your bellies a bit to enjoy things fully! Stay tuned for more information.))

Pycella Woodberry

Pie maven.

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