Early Pie Day Celebration at the Green Dragon

The annual Pie Day is almost here! So let’s get prepared for it!

Date: Friday 13rd March
Time: 7:30PM ((UK, 3:30 servertime))
Location: The Green Dragon Inn, Bywater, the Shire

On March 14th, there is a great day to celebrate, at least for us hobbits: the annual Pie Day! Well, everyday is pie day in the life of a hobbit, but the pies certainly deserve a special day in our calendars. To get you all wel prepared for the actual Pie Day, we will have an early pie day celebration on the at the Green Dragon on Friday 13rd March. It will be like a regular Friday at the Dragon, but with a pie theme. And yes, that means we will have pies there as well! You will have the chance to get the fancy Pie Maven title, if you don’t have it already, and yer belly size permits it. If you have some pie-related entertainment to offer, such as poetry, songs or tales, please let the hostess, Miss Pycella know. You can also share your favourite pie recipe (or the pie itself)!

Welcome to have a pleasant evening with friends and comforting food!

OOC: This is a special Green Dragon Friday, a role-playing event for hobbits and travelling dwarves. You can find more information about the weekly event here.

Pycella Woodberry

Pie maven.

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