Badgering at Winterstock 2020

Berries, badgers and booze. And biscuits. Many biscuits!

The Brandy Badgers visited the Winterstock festival on the Landroval server last night, Sunday January 19. Us furry fellers don’t often go visit other worlds than Laurelin, but Winterstock has become a sort of annual tradition for us. It is grand fun, relaxed and non-competitive, and that’s quite perfect for us badgers. And the food vendors are very generous, even with berry pies.

So, here is an overview of the Brandy Badgers at Winterstock 2020


This year, the following took part:

  • Badgers: Ambrinna, Anerra, Galifer, Nimelia, Potty, Ragwort, Rubellita, Tibba and Wiberic
  • Badger herders: Pycella and Lina

Of course, badgers can’t talk, so they need herders along to show them the way and even sing some songs. Although, as the videos below will show, badgers are a fickle lot when traveling to festivals…


If you want to listen to the original songs the Badgers played this year, you’ll find them all in our Winterstock 2020 Spotify playlist. Enjoy!

Else, here is an overview of the songs played. Our set(t) list below follows this format:

  • Original song title + band/musician (with links to video of the song, if applicable)
    If applicable: In-game song title + writer (with links to lyrics)

Set list:

  1. Fernando – Abba
  2. Neighbourhood #1 (tunnels) – Arcade Fire
    Grand badger berry song – Lina
  3. The ragpicker’s dream – Mark Knopfler
    Barmy’s yule – Pycella (lyrics to come)
  4. You’re the voice – John Farnham
  5. Sprawl II (mountains beyond mountains) – Arcade Fire
    Pouncella’s song – Pycella
  6. Moskau – Dschinghis Khan
    Biscuits biscuits – Lina
  7. Village Lanterne – Blackmore’s Night
    Pycella’s friendship song – Pycella
  8. The great song of indifference – Bob Geldof
    Open up the gate – Lina
  9. Chevaliers de sangreal (The Da Vinci Code) – Hans Zimmer
  10. Chronology pt. IV – Jean-Michel Jarre
  11. Barbara Allen – Blackmore’s Night
    Grand Shire life song – Lina
  12. I’m shipping up to Boston – Dropkick Murphy’s


I have seen two recordings of The Brandy Badgers at Winterstock so far.

Holly made this recording over on YouTube:


And Druidsfire made this recording over on Twitch.

Both Holly and Druidsfire makes lots of recordings from LOTRO music events (including most/all of the other performances at Winterstock this year), so their channels are well worth checking out.


We’d love to hear from yer if yer saw us at Winterstock this year. Yer can add yer comments below!


Biscuit-eating bard from Brockenborings

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